Our Story

In our lifetime we have worn many hats both professionally and for fun! Our job titles have included yoga instructor, touring musician, production assistant, freelance artist, student, and we have spent many years in the service industry as bartenders and baristas. Having navigated this life as gals on the go, we needed to lean on supplemental nutrition as a means of personal sustainability. Through a series of trial and error, back sliding, and good old fashion discipline, we found what works for us when it comes to conscious nourishment. Throughout our process we finally understood the importance of balancing that quick caffeinated buzz with natural ingredients, low-glycemic sweeteners, and additive free (unprocessed/gluten-free/nut milk alternatives) snacks. From this practice we wanted to share and provide supportive intentional nutrition for our friends, family, and now you! 

Our Mission

Moon Coffee started as way to provide options different from the standard coffee house menu. (This comes in the form of providing alternatives with craft beverage construction, alternative milks, and wholesome snack options. With this we strive to bridge the gap between your quick fix and providing you with quality ingredients. We are intentional about what we put into our bodies, so when we want that treat we need clean, guilt-free options for our indulgences. We wanted fresh ingredients, artisan snacks, and energizing juices that enhance mental/physical clarity and wellness. As musicians and patrons of the arts, we noticed that the events and social gatherings we enjoyed, were centered around consuming beverages and foods that left us feeling depleted. We figured, why not enhance the reward system and change the focus of craft beverage consumption to (include) provide sustainable wellness with the familiarity social gatherings, life events, and celebratory work accomplishments.